Friday, September 29, 2017

The Bakersville Dozen by Kristina McBride

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Today's YA Friday brings us a murder thriller, The Bakersville Dozen, by Kristina McBride. Hold on to your hats, because I didn't figure this one out until the reveal.

The Story-
It's Bailey's senior year. She's got the perfect boyfriend, Jude, a good bff, Hannah, and an in with the popular girls at school. Unfortunately, that in is because of a sex video someone released back in September labeling 13 girls, The Bakersville Dozen. Bailey was the odd one out, being labeled "Like a Virgin."

But now, four of the 13 girls have gone missing and when Bailey receives a puzzling riddle, she finds the first dead body. She teams up with her brother Tripp, her bff Hannah, and an old flame, Wes, to follow the clues and try to save the remaining girls. But, all is not what it seems, and danger is on their tail.

My Thoughts-

Like I mentioned above, I didn't figure this one out. The author drops lots of red herrings, so my mind kept jumping around, and at first I would think it one person, and then another. I had several of the pieces, I just didn't put it together. Bravo! 

The story line is sinister, with several raw moments and twisty turns. Of course, my first thought was, just tell the police, but the author solved that by having a creepy deputy who Bailey didn't trust. There's a lot of teen drama, and the Dozen aren't just airheads sleeping around. Several of them have scholarships to prestigious schools and colleges. 

Bailey is a fun character, and really the only one we see in depth. She is stuck in a romantic hard place, really missing her ex Wes, but loving her new boyfriend Jude. Still, despite the gruesome stuff confronting her, she is brave and pulls through. Like any normal person, she doubts those around her, and her reactions seem true to course.

 I didn't really bond with any of the characters, but the fast pace and excitement made that okay. I wanted to know who had done it and most importantly, why. Those questions had be reading through the pages, and I actually didn't read it at night cause it sort of creeped me out, lol. Good job. I'm giving this 4 stars!

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