Friday, September 22, 2017

The List by Patricia Forde

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I've got a new book for YA Friday. It is The List by Patricia Forde, and it hit shelves last month.

The Story-
In the future, a group of people have survived the climate apocalypse by settling in Ark, a safe town founded by John Noa. The people of Ark are controlled by Noa and his rules, the number one being that words are bad. Young Letta is the apprentice wordsmith, one of the few who are allowed to speak more than the 500 words of the List.

When Noa decides to shorten the List, Letta is left with many unanswered questions. When she rescues a Desecrator named Marlo, she learns that people outside Ark still have access to language, art, and music. When her master Benjamin goes missing, Letta turns to the Desecrators for help. Together they uncover a plot by Noa to turn all the people in the area Wordless. Letta must stop him and save humanity.

My Thoughts-
I really enjoyed this book. The premise is very interesting. Do words make man? This book's answer is yes. Noa blames language, spoken, written and thought, for all the previous problems of mankind. Humans should be no better than animals in his mind, and he has a chemical weapon to do the deed. Wow, the insanity of this man is astounding, and the people that follow him, what are they thinking? What the reader learns, is that when a man is subjected to this chemical, within weeks they kill themselves do to lack of hope. So, cool and original plot points.

Letta is a determined individual who right away shows a spark of courage when she rescues Marlo and evades the Gavvers. The entire book Letta seems to be in danger, but she persists. Even in the end, when she must face her fear of heights and battle Noa alone, she does not give up. One issue though, we never learn how old she is. My guess is 16, but that is only because she once remarks that she is not quite 18 yet. It was annoying trying to figure it out. In the beginning, I was thinking tween, but then there seems to be some interest in Marlo, so teen?. Oh well.

My only other criticism is that because the book is written from Letta's POV, and because she has a limited vocabulary, though one much better than other townies, certain words the author uses probably would be unknown to her character. But, after a bit I let that slide because I was enjoying the story and truly appreciating the value words have in a society. I'm giving this book 4 stars!


  1. This sounds like a good one. I will check it out. Thanks for the review.