Thursday, October 12, 2017

Cover Love- Make Lemonade

There is something about this cover that made me pick it up at the library. It is not your typical cover with an artist's rendering, but instead is simple and bare. I tried to find credits for the cover design artist, but nothing was listed on the copyright page or back flap. I'm guessing it is a photograph mixed in with the cover design, but I don't know.

Either way, the juicy lemon with a drop of liquid spilling off its rind totally invokes thirst to me. I actually licked my lips and then realized what I'd done, lol. I was immediately curious to see what the book was about, there were so many possibilities. Turns out it is about making the good out of any situation. Totally fits. What do you think of the cover?


  1. I really like this cover too. It's a book that's on my TBR list, largely because of the cover.

  2. I read a study where a book on the shelf at a store or in the library gets only a 30 second look from young people and closer to a minute for adults to win them over. This means the cover is the gateway and this is a super one.