Monday, October 2, 2017

The World's Greatest Adventure Machine by Frank L. Cole

Middle-Grade Monday time! Today I am reviewing The World's Greatest Adventure Machine by Frank L. Cole.

The Story-
Four children have won the chance to take the first ride on CastleCorp's latest roller coaster, The World's Greatest Adventure Machine. First we have Trevor, who lacks fear and gets in trouble all the time. Then we have Devin, who has instincts that predict the future. Next is Cameron, a certified genius with a clothing problem, and lastly, we have Nika, a girl without the ability to feel pain. Put them all together and you've got the perfect first group of riders.

As they board the Adventure Machine for the ride of their lives, things start to go wrong. They are forced off the machine and forced to fight for their lives in a strange environment that includes AI robots and holograms. They'll have to work together to get out of the ride alive, and then hope they can defeat the backstabbing liar that clues have led them to uncover.

My thoughts-

GREAT book! I read it through as fast as I could, anxious to figure out the reality of what the ride involved and how the kids were all connected. Each kid has a full back story and unique talents. You really get a feel for each of them as the story progresses. One issue, sometimes there are mid POV switches out of the blue. However, the story rolls forth full of tension and mystery.

Kids are going to love this book. It gets a little hairy, especially with a cleaver wielding psychopath, but in all, I found the adventure to be well worth it. I had some idea what was happening, but then the story takes on a vibe like the movie, Inception. The author got me there, because I didn't guess what was happening until later.

Tension, high stakes and great characters make this a fun, exciting read for middle graders. If it wasn't for the POV switches I'd give it a perfect score, but I'll have to give it a 4.9, and that's darn good!


  1. This does sound like an action-packed story into another world. What fun!

  2. I enjoyed this one, too, and hope to post my thoughts soon. Loved the characters and pacing.

  3. This sounds interesting. The challenges each of the kids have are interesting ones. Thanks for telling me about this one. I'll look for it.

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