Thursday, November 2, 2017

Cover Love- MANY WONDERS by Cynthia S PANN

Welcome to cover love- one of my favorite days of the week! A huge shout out to all those illustrators and cover designers who that make you pick up a book instead of passing by. Today I am looking at the cover of a picture book that grabbed my attention- MANY WONDERS by Cynthia S PANN.

I can only find this book as a kindle book, and I really hope it comes out in print because the cover is amazing. The author is also the illustrator, but I don't know if she did the cover too. The first thing that grabbed me were the giant, colorful crayons. Then I stopped and took a closer look, and my imagination went wild. Each crayon shape is different and full of surprises. There are hour glasses, silverware, pulleys and more. I want to know what kind of place this is and I want to go there. I don't know what the book is about, but I would totally pick this up. Would you?

Blurb from Amazon- Clever fish and whispering winds. Kites with superpowers. These are the whimsies of a fascinating childhood imagination. With each new page, Many Wonders and its brilliant watercolour tones provide gentle, dreamlike inspiration and delightful possibilities.

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