Friday, December 15, 2017

Academy of Assassins by Stacey Brutger

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Welcome to YA Friday! Today I am checking out a book I found on Amazon Kindle- Academy of Assassins, book 1 by Stacey Brutger.

The Book- (blurb)

Abandoned as a child and unable to remember her past, Morgan was raised as a hunter, one of an elite group of fighters sworn to protect humans from the dangerous paranormal creatures who invade our world…creatures such as herself. Her life changes the day she’s summoned to the Academy of Assassins, a school that trains witches and hunters to eradicate paranormals who prey on humans. Her first assignment—find and eliminate the killer who is using the Academy as their own personal hunting ground.

As Morgan delves deeper into the investigation, she will need to dodge assassination attempts, avoid the distraction of romantic entanglements with the devilishly handsome security expert, Kincade, and his maddeningly overprotective teammates, while keeping the volatile magic in her blood concealed from those who would use it for their own purposes. When the danger increases and the school is threatened, Morgan must unearth her missing memories before someone finishes the job they started so long ago—killing her and unleashing a plague that will consume the world.

My thoughts-
I really enjoyed the book and all the supernatural high jinks. Morgan is a cool character who kicks butt and takes no prisoners. Then there are the handsome guys at the academy who she seems to get involved with, and so I recommend this book for older teens. Morgan herself has no memories of herself as a child and seems to hold some sort of amazing powers that are being kept in check by a necklace. She's been raised by a hateful coven of witches and has trained to be a hunter. She's darn good too. When she gets sent to the academy we get to see just how good.

The guys in the story are all hot and drool worthy. They are from different supernatural lines and are the elite hunters of the school. All of the guys have back stories and you get to know each one of them. There is also a hell hound that is Morgan's guardian and super cool.

 Truly, I just enjoyed the story. I can't say it is perfect, but I had so much fun reading it, learning about this world, and getting behind Morgan, that I'm going to give it 4 stars!

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  1. I love the cover and I love supernatural stories. I think I will love it!

  2. This sounds interesting! It reminds me a little of the Underworld series.