Thursday, December 21, 2017

Cover Love- Timekeeper by Tara Sim

Cover Love Time! This time I am picking a YA cover from a couple years ago, Timekeeper by Tara Sim.

Jacket Design by Georgia Morrissey

Just look at that clock face! It is completely scuffed up and cracked. What happened? I would pick up this book just to find out. All the filigree is nice, though I believe early additions did not include it. I just love the mystery of the clock. The title is very hardcore and steampunkish. Knowing this is a YA fantasy, I would want to know what type of world this is and what it has to do with time. LOVE!


  1. This looks very steampunk-ish to me too! I think I want to read it based on the cover alone!

  2. I would pick up this cover from the cover alone; my kids too! They love clocks and books (win-win)