Friday, January 19, 2018

Book Review- Rebel Seoul by Axie Oh

Welcome to YA Friday! I missed last week because I hadn't finished this book yet, but now I'm ready to go. Let's take a look at Rebel Seoul by Axie Oh.

The Story-
It is 2199 and the world is no longer divided by nations, but joined together in a new world order. In Neo Seoul, Lee Jaewon has fought his way up in the world, first escaping a brutal gang and then studying at an elite academy. His skills have won him a job at The Tower, the weapons-development hub of Neo Seoul. There he is introduced to project Amaterasu, an enhanced soldier program. He is put in charge of overseeing Tera, a girl with incredible strength and skill. She is training to be the pilot of a giant God Machine, The Extension.

Things get sticky when Jaewon begins to fall for Tera, and his friend Alex falls for his enhanced soldier, Ama.  As Jaewon questions his loyalty to the cruel and oppressive regime, events unfold to unleash the project.When rebels begin attacking Neo Seoul, the four friends are put into a difficult situation; fight as a soldiers of the Republic or as rebels.

My Thoughts-
This book is a thrill driven action ride. It mixes the giant robots like from the movie Pacific Rim with the drama of an Asian super-government. Our main character, Jaewon begins his journey as one acted upon. He is tricked out of his gang by his so called best friend, and then at the academy, he is tricked into fighting for Alex in their final test module. His work at The Tower places him into a position of power and he finally sees just how controlling the ruling government and gangs of New Seoul have become.

Enter Tera, the super soldier trained to use the God Machines. She is brutal to all she meets, but when Jaewon shows her kindness, she opens up her true self, the one that wants freedom. Together the two start doing things a bit outside the box, and when Alex and Ama fall in love, the four of them seek a new world. Now, Jaewon is making his own choices, fighting for Tera, forgiving his old friends, and seeking to escape the super soldier program.

Everything comes to an epic battle when The Tower is attacked and we get to see Tera fight in the Extension. Alex gives everything for Ama (and much to my dismay, theirs is the one ending left hanging). Jaewon gives up safety to save Tera. A great book full of action, a hint of romance and some great soul searching. 4.5 stars!


  1. This book sounds like it has a bit of everything and is a great ride!

  2. Good to know about but not my cup of tea. Thanks for telling me about it.

  3. This sounds pretty interesting. Thanks for the post.