Thursday, January 18, 2018

Cover Love- The Book Transmitter by CJ Anovari

Cover Love time! Today I found a new release that called to my inner child. It is an Independently published middle grade entitled The Book Transmitter. I've not read the book, this is post is solely based on the cover. Because it is self-published I was unable to find out who designed the cover.

Now, here's what got me. What child doesn't want to be able to absorb a book straight into their brain? It was a dream of mine when a kid. Somehow, this book transmitter makes it happen! Instant knowledge. There's not much dimensionality with the background, so I can't give points for more than just that original drawing, but that alone would make me pick up the book. Plus, the title is cool, with a cable that mimics the one from the book below. What do you think?

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