Friday, February 9, 2018

Road to Eugenica by A.M. Rose

YA Friday! I've got a new release for you today Road to Eugenica by A.M. Rose.

The Story-
Drea is a normal teenager, but with a clumsy streak. She lives with her somewhat indifferent mom and loving dad. Her best friend Dylan is always by her side helping her through each awkward crisis. Then one day everything changes, she can suddenly understand different languages, use computers like a pro, and fight like a ninja! She only lets Dylan in on her secret as she tries to understand what is happening.

She has one other challenge in life, the green-eyed man. Since the time she was a kid she would randomly see him wherever she went and in her dreams, where she seems to be in some futuristic world, he is always chasing her. When new comer Maddox enters her life, pieces begin to fit together, but then the green-eyed man makes a real appearance and she can no longer consider him a figment of her imagination.

Now she is on the run with Dylan and Maddox trying to figure out who she really is, why she has these powers, and how the green-eyed man fits into it all.

My Thoughts-
I enjoyed this story. It was fresh and engaging. The mystery of who Drea really is and what in the world she is dreaming about kept me going to the end. Then there is the love triangle, Drea loves Dylan, but he doesn't want to be more than friends. Maddox likes Drea, and when Dylan makes his friend zone feelings clear, she decides why not? But, can she really trust Maddox? The book gives lots of hints that he knows more than he's telling. Great tension.

Then we have the visions that Drea has while sleeping. They appear to be real, she wakes up with a cut she got while in the dream, but the book is very unclear as to whether that is the case. Is she living two different lives? Is someone sending her visions of a possible future? Are these memories? That one question really kept me reading, unfortunately the answer doesn't come and when the dreams begin to happen as foreshadows of the present, I got confused. BUT, the dreams are still really cool and I enjoyed the mystery. Other answers are revealed, so that makes it worth it. Plus, the twists! Wow, there are some crazy twists right up until the last page. So good! I'm giving this book 4 stars!


  1. That's a great cover! The book sounds interesting, but not quite my cup of tea. Good to know about it though. Thanks for the review.