Friday, February 23, 2018

The Soulkeepers (The Soulkeepers Series Book 1) by G. P. Ching

Hi everyone! It's been a busy couple weeks filled with snow and school delays, but I do have a YA post for today. It is one of the books I bought from either Bookbub or Bookgorilla, I can't remember which, but I love the .99 kindle deals. Today's book is The Soulkeepers (The Soulkeepers Series Book 1) by G. P. Ching. It is the first is a series and I have already read the first five. Yah, I might be recommending this one, wink.

The Story-

Jacob Lau awakens inside a hospital with no memory of how he got there or where his mother is. He is forced to go live with an uncle he's never known on the mainland and begin life again in a small nowhere town. At night he dreams of monsters.

Then, strange things begin happening, all involving water. When his mysterious neighbor appears telling him that she will train him to use his powers, his normal life is over. His neighbor reveals that Jacob is a Soulkeeper, a protector of human souls from Watchers (demons), and that his unique power element is water.

The only person in the small town that will give Jacob the time of day is Malini Gupta, a young Indian girl who is also semi new to town. She believes his tales of events and feels drawn toward him.

But, Jacob's neighbor isn't who she seems to be, and soon things get dangerous, and demons are in town!

My Thoughts-
Great story! This book really sets the framework for the entire series. We meet all the main characters, are introduced to the world of Soulkeepers and Watchers, and are left with tons of mysteries to answer in the following books.

I love the budding romance between Jacob and Malini, two strong characters who are faced with severe challenges, but who build trust in one another. Abigail, the strange neighbor, is a fun mystery. She seems to know everything, but is unwilling to tell. Is she good or bad? What is up with her secret garden? And why does a strange cat follow her everywhere? All good plot points for tension building.

The storyline resembles classic good vs. evil tales, but this one starts to hold to a more Biblical belief. It is in no way preachy, the plot flows smoothly and can be followed and believed by anyone. There is a mixture of myth as well, mixing Fate, Death and Time into the equation.

I enjoyed it and bought the second book the minute I finished the first. Each book has been about one of the main characters, but everything ties together so you still feel as if you are in the same story the whole time. 5 Stars!

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