Monday, March 26, 2018

Embers of Destruction (Mysteries of Cove #3) by J. Scott Savage

Middle Grade Time! Today I am reviewing the third and final book in the Mysteries of Cove series, Embers of Destruction, by J. Scott Savage.

The Story-
Trenton, Kallista and their friends, Plucky, Simoni, Angus, and Clyde are now flying about destroying real dragons using their mechanical dragons. They track and plan. However, when one mission goes wrong, they find themselves lost in the fog and facing an all new threat.

They have discovered the remains of San Francisco, and a new breed of dragon. The city is filled with humans happily serving their dragon overlords, and the kids can't understand why? They set out to free the people, only to end up trapped. Even Kallista's father seems to now love dragons.

The friends are sent to work, learning their ways about the city and secretly trying to figure out what is going on, how to stop the dragons, and the mystery behind this city that still exists in a world that is virtually destroyed.

My Thoughts-
I wondered how the author was going to wrap this series up and do so while remaining true to the first two books. He does a wonderful job. The first book explains the mystery of Cove, the city within a mountain where Trenton and Kallista live. Clues are left for Kallista, by her father, to help her learn about the truth of their city's past.

The second book starts out again as a puzzle, with Kallista and Trenton following clues to find Kallista's father in the ruins of Seattle and later using more clues to build a machine to fight against the dragons.

So, how did the third book compare? Great. Though not the same type of clue solving mystery as within the first two books, this third book takes the reader on a more intellectual journey. The reader must follow as the friends learn the secrets of San Francisco and unearth the true reason dragons came into existence. Then, with that information they must defeat the new breed of dragon who rules the city. The question of course was how this series could end things leaving the reader feeling that issues were resolved and our heroes could move on with their lives. I believe the author takes the only route possible. From the get go, I couldn't figure out how these six kids would be able to destroy all of dragon kind. Well, turns out they can't. Yep, just what I thought. Instead the author brings it all to a logical ending with potential for further development in this cool post-apocalyptic world. Great job!

I love all the characters. They each have their own stories with full development taking place over all three books. Readers will invest in the future and root for their success. There is also a great importance placed on family, which I really enjoyed. I recommend this entire series, and I'm giving this book 4.5 stars!


  1. Yes, I must read this one as I so much enjoyed the first two in the series. It sounds like a great wrap-up with the possibility of seeing more of this world. Thanks for the review!

  2. I'd better get busy because I haven't read any of this series yet.

  3. This is a different angle, the dragons bewitching the adults. (Made me think of Hocus Pocus) Haven't read the series, but it sounds engaging from start to end.

  4. I don't know this series, but this isn't really my bailiwick. It's good to know about it though. That cover is fantastic. Thanks for the post.