Friday, May 11, 2018

Interview Q&A – Cynthia Weil / 806: A Novel

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Author Interview- Cynthia Weil

As one of the first women in Rock & Roll, what was that like? Was it more difficult when you started or now? 
Neither Carole King nor I ever thought about our being female standing in our way. We just did our thing! Carole had always been encouraged by her family and it served her well. I had always been discouraged by my mom who wanted me to marry a doctor or a lawyer and throw fabulous dinner parties. I was encouraged to pursue my dreams by my mother’s sister, the family rebel, my Aunt Toni, dancer, choreographer and later a literary agent.

Your new young adult novel, 806, is the story of three very different teens—a songwriter/musician, a golden boy jock, and a magic-obsessed nerd with very sensitive allergies, who are forced by circumstances to band together to find their mutual sperm donor father. Are any of the characters based on yourself or people you’ve known?

None of them are based on me but, of course, KT as a teen songwriter is the closest to me. I often turned to writing to comfort me when I was a teen. I created them from my imagination cause that’s what writers do, however I often think that the search for a father is a part of me because my father killed himself when I was 9.

In general, what inspires your writing/where do you get your ideas? …both lyrics and fiction. 
I often got lyrical ideas from my life and my friends’ lives or something I have read about. I am a voracious reader. I am always inspired by other writers even as a lyricist. As a lyricist I always think “could I have written that?”

Will you share a little about your writing process: what kind of setting do you prefer when you write, do you have a certain room or special place that helps get the creative juices flowing? Do you usually write at a particular time of day, or whenever an idea comes to you?
Once I’ve begun something, I go to my desk first thing in the morning after I’ve fed the dog, as that time is quietest in my household, so it’s about 7ish. Then I wade in and slog on until my brain gives out, and then I rest and return the next day to do it again.

What kind of reader will be drawn to 806, and what do you hope they’ll take away from the story?
I think anyone who wonders about family, the one they have and perhaps the one they don’t have, but have dreamed about, will be drawn to 806. I hope they will take away the idea that people aren’t necessarily the image they present to the world. We are all many layered and so much more than who we appear to be and there are many kinds of modern families. The traditional family doesn’t really exist that often but families of all different kinds can provide a nurturing environment for children, teens, and parents. As some great songwriters once said…”All You Need Is Love.”

806: A Novel
by Cynthia Weil (
Tanglewood Publishing (
March 13 2018 // Ages: 13+
$16.99-Hardcover // ISBN: 978-1-939100-14-6

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  1. Thanks for an interesting interview. The book sounds great.

  2. What a fascinating interview. Love the cover of this book too. Thanks for sharing. :)