Wednesday, June 20, 2018

#Pubtip 6/20

Welcome to Inside the Publishing World Wednesday! I've found that when I haven't been able to attend conferences I don't have as much to put out on Wednesdays, but I've decided to continue with the Agent and Editor Manuscript Wishlists or #MSWL, but also add #Pubtips and #Querytips to the mix. Hopefully this will give me more fodder to find and help out aspiring authors too. Today I'm going to focus on Twitter Publication Tips #Pubtips.

 Kate Marope
 Jun 12
Short #pubtip you guys: if you are querying a book that has series potential (esp. if you have already planned/plotted the next few books in the series), please include a series outline just so the editor you submitted to can get a sense of where the series is going! #amwriting

Emily Rodmell
 Jun 14

Synopsis tips:
*Save editors' eyes. Double space.
*5-7 pages is ideal length. Avoid more than 10.
*Keep back story to a minimum & focus on what actually happens in the book.
*Make sure to give the entire story. Don't hold back on spoilers. We need to see all twists.

Mackenzie Walton
 Jun 10
Just a reminder that world-building is something you should pay attention to in all fiction, including contemporary. Everyone experiences life differently—give me an idea of characters' home, culture, inner world, etc. #pubtip #submissions

Penny Moore
 Jun 8
When an agent considers a manuscript, not only are they looking for a great story, but they’re also looking for great POTENTIAL in the writer. If an agent can’t get beyond line edits and see the bigger picture, then they probably aren’t the right fit for you. #pubtip

Kate McKean
 Jun 6
Five bucks says your first sentence has too many adjectives. You don't have to cram them all in there right away. #pubtip #writingtip

Mackenzie Walton
 May 29
When including a synopsis, don't end it on a cliffhanger, a will they/won't they question, etc. Editors and agents are looking for a straightforward summary of the book, including the ending. #pubtip

Lisa Rodgers 
 May 24
#pubtip General reminder: if you receive an offer of representation and other agents have partial pages or the full manuscript, please let them know about the offer. It's polite and helps agents prioritize reading time, and it may net you another offer. Options are good. :)

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