Friday, June 22, 2018

Surface Tension by Mike Mullin, Review and Book Giveaway!

UPDATE!! Mike Mullin is offering up a SIGNED copy of Surface Tension, so the giveaway just got even awesomer!

I've got an intense new release for everyone today. It is the YA thriller, Surface Tension by Mike Mullin. This is one I couldn't put down. To enter the giveaway fill out the rafflecopter form below. If you don't see it click 'read more'.

The Story-
Jake loves to race bikes. One day while training he witnesses a terrorist attack, and ends up in the hospital with no memory of the event. He thinks he was just in an accident until a young lady, claiming to be his girlfriend, shows up and tries to snuff him.

What the heck? Is his brain injury causing him to have delusions? That's what Jake's mom thinks. As his memories slowly return, the attempts on his life step up and soon he is running for his life, but without a full memory of why.  His real girlfriend, Laurissa, is the only one who believes that someone is out to get him. When he is taken into custody by the FBI, Jake finds himself in deeper trouble when an agent threatens to kill Laurissa unless Jake gives up evidence about the terrorist attack. With nobody to trust, Jake and Laurissa must unravel the terrorist plot while trying to stay alive.

My Thoughts-

This was an intense read full of tension building moments and jaw dropping scenes. The threats to Jake and Laurissa are enough to keep the plot building and building, but then the unreal attitude that people seem to have, that Jake is making things up, just gets so annoying that I wanted to scream at the characters to believe him. Talk about ratcheting up the reader's emotions! Wow!

Then we have Betsy, the fake girlfriend that tried to kill Jake in the hospital. The book is told through her alternating POV. She seems totally kick butt, trained to kill and smart enough to plot things, mislead of course, but as she tries to kill Jake, she actually begins to come to an understanding of what she is involved in. She explains things from the terrorist's side, describing an American organization that wants America to start a war with Muslims. At first I found this annoying, why is it always an American that is the bad guy killing Americans to start a war? Why not just actually have radical extreme Muslim terrorists be the terrorists? But then, as I got into the story, especially the final chapter, I realized that it had to be internal so that the story could continue on as a series. And let me tell you, that final Betsy chapter was a heck of a surprise!

Now, the author points out lots of conservative views, mixes them with prejudice, and then sets the stage for violence. Many of the views are common and probably held by many Americans, but the kicker is that the author throws in the "Pure" attitude, and that's where this group heads south. They want a pure America, thinking people are sheeple that need an awakening.  Anytime "pure" comes up I think, "Run Away! Danger! Bad things a comin'." That is true with this homegrown terrorist group, and they have people in every walk of life, which is why Jake has a hard time hiding.

I couldn't put this book down. And the romance between Jake and Laurissa is awesome. You just get a good feeling for  how much they care about each other.I'm giving it 5 stars!

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