Friday, November 23, 2018

YA Book Review- FirstLife by Gena Showalter

Welcome to YA Friday! Today I am reviewing Firstlife by Gena Showalter. I ran across this book on a Kindle deal and the premise snagged me, so I had to pick it up.

The Story-
In Ten Lockwood's life you have to choose a side, Troika or Myriad, and that choice decides where you will go after death (First death). Ten doesn't want to choose, so her parents send her to Prynne Asylum where she is beaten and tortured until she declares a side.

Troika and Myriad are also interested in the side she'll choose and they both send spirits, dressed in shell bodies, to persuade her to their side. However, Ten will not choose. Instead, she escapes and goes on the run with both realms chasing after her. Arrow and Killian follow, both falling in love with her and protecting her with their Second lives.

She needs to figure things out before she dies, or she will end up in Many Lands, a realm of horror, but if she chooses one side, she'll loss one of her boys, and vice versa. Plus, someone seems intent on killing her, hunting her around the world. What will she choose and will she survive to even make a choice?

My Thoughts-

This book is a very interesting look at Heaven and Hell from a narrative perspective, and check out that cover! Wow, a great representation. Troika represents Heaven, where there is sunshine, kindness, rules and peace. Myriad represents Hell, where people are greedy, live in eternal darkness, but party all the time. Myriad will promise you anything to choose their side, even going so far as to trick you to join and then abandon you. Somehow in this world, the spirit world has broken into the regular world, and the quest for souls is on.

Ten annoyed me a bit. I understood in the beginning why she wouldn't choose a side. She doesn't know what she wants and has people on different sides pulling at her. The torture she and the other inmates at Prynne go through is intense, and I was surprised more people didn't just pick. However, her uncertainty goes on and on, for about 70% of the book, and even after she has weighed the pros and cons of both realms (many times) and decided Troika is good, while Myriad destroys people, she still won't choose!

I was about to put the book down when the author threw in a plot twist. Ten dies and goes to Many Lands, and we get to see what that realm is really about before she is brought back to life. Seems her Aunt is prophetic and Ten has a destiny to full fill in Many Lands. Yeah! something different. The book picks up after this. She can't choose either side if she wants to go to Many Lands and save souls. Her romance with Killian who is Myriad grows more intense and the question pops up, can you be saved even after you've chosen the wrong side? (I think this will be the theme of book two).

One other thing, Ten has a strange fascination with numbers, and though somewhat a cool habit, I wonder if it will actually play into the outcome of the story. Though I think a chunk of her indecision making could have been cut out, I ended on a good note and have already purchased book two. I'm giving this novel 3.5 Stars!

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  1. Oh I loved the series, the covers caught my eyes...I hope you get all of the books, I love this of my favs