Monday, February 18, 2019

The Web Paige Chronicles- Middle Grade Author Interview with Emilio Iasiello

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Welcome to Middle Grade Monday! I was contacted by Emilio Iasiello about his book, The Web Paige Chronicles. What drew me to offer a spotlight was the theme, security in today's web crazy world.

The Book-
Wilhelmina Evangeline Beatriz Paige is the twelve-year-old daughter of Cornelius, a computer forensics expert, and her mother Letitia, an emergency room nurse.  Combining her passion for computers with her proclivity for helping people, “Web,” as she is better known as to her friends, decides to start her own neighborhood business after helping her best friend’s mother with an e-mail problem.  Web decides to become a “Cyber Oracle” – an individual dedicated to making technology more accessible to those that use and rely on devices, and the programs on them.

 With this mission in mind, Web embarks on a journey of helping friends, relatives, and parents to better understand how computers work while teaching them about the dangers that lurk in cyberspace.  The manuscript follows Web as she helps her young friends address some of the most pressing issues facing them on the Internet today such as cyber bullying, sexual predators, and sexting.  In each chapter, Web is an empathetic presence, helping her friends identify the pitfalls that lurk in cyberspace, providing them guidance with how to better identify, mitigate, and when possible, remediate the threat.  As her journey progresses, Web teaches her friends, as well as the reader, how to operate safely using computers and especially the new popular technologies and games enjoyed by so many people today.

 Things take a dark turn when her close friend is the target of a sexual predator, the fallout from sexting, and the cyber bullying that follows.  Web must help her friend recover from the trauma of these acts, as well as show her and others how to protect themselves against such threats, as well as show them, and the reader, sources to get more information and help from these all-too-real situations facing all kids on the Internet today.  The Web Paige Chronicles bring to light the benefits and dangers of the Internet facing our youth, and provides them the information needed to deal with them through real-life events.

The Author-
Emilio Iasiello

" I've been in cyber security for nearly 20 years, working in both the government and private sector.  Writing is something that I've done throughout my life and have been fortunate enough to have published a book of short stories (Why People Do What They Do), this middle grade fiction book, as well as a chapbook of poetry ("Postcards from L.A.").  I am currently working on an adult novel right now.  In addition, to writing, I've wrote the screenplays for five independent films that have been produced, as well as have had stage plays of my scripts produced in the United States and the United Kingdom.  I very much enjoy creative writing and find each discipline (novels, short stories, poems, plays, screenplays) each challenging and rewarding in their own rights."

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The Interview-
1. Tell me about the book in your own words.

Wilhelmina Evangeline Beatriz Paige is better known as "Web" to her friends because of her seemingly endless knowledge of computers. Always eager to lend a hand, she takes pride in helping the "technically-challenged" in her neighborhood as part of her "pay-it-forward" philosophy. But when her closest friends become the targets of cyber bullying and online predators, Web realizes that safely navigating the Internet is more than just using strong passwords and antivirus protection. By helping those who can't help themselves, Web embarks on a journey through which she learns things from not only her friends, but also strangers, adults, and most importantly, herself.

2. Why did you write this book?
The reasons I wrote The Web Paige Chronicles was to first - write a book that my children could read in the near future.  It is my first attempt at merging my two passions - cyber security and writing - together.  While I have written academic writing on cyber security, my goal was to create a story that focused on how children used computers and the Internet, as their aptitude for navigating the Internet is increasing every year, and they are able to do it at a younger age.  The Web Paige Chronicles focuses on a twelve-year-old girl who uses her skills and knowledge to use the Internet appropriately and safely.  The book covers the very issues that the youth of today are facing (such as bullying, sexting, online predators) and discusses them in a frank manner.  I feel that this is a good book that parents and children can read together because it helps bring up these issues so that they can talk about them together.  And finally, The Web Paige Chronicles provides links to online resources for both parents and children to access for more information and for tips to improve their online security profiles.

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  1. I've read this one and its an insightful and fun book. Congratulations to Emilio for blending his two passions into a story many will enjoy and learn from.

  2. I love the title of this book and the cover. Have heard about this book and look forward to reading it. Sounds fun -- and a great gift book for tweens.

  3. I have been hearing about this book. It certainly is timely and has important information for readers. I'm glad to see this out there for middle-schoolers. Thanks for the review and interview.