Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Manuscript Wishlist 8/12

Let's see who is looking for what on #MSWL. Remember to do your own research.

Charlotte Wenger- Prospect Agency
I've given my #MSWL a freshening up now that I'm an agent! Find out what I'm looking for on my profile and keep an eye out for my #MSWL tweets! 

P.S. Literary Agency
Aug 10
“Send me your internship novels with drama, humor, and more!”

Heads up! New Editor :)
Danielle Kaheaku - Editor
Aug 9
I'm pleased to announce that I'll be joining @Ominum_Gatherum Publishing as an Aquiring Editor. Please follow me for updates and my MS wish list.

Samantha Wekstein- Writer's House
#MSWL An Anne/Gilbert relationship.  Swoon.

Jaime Collins- Nash Agency
I see a LOT of thriller queries from the detective's POV.
I would LOVE to see something from the killer's POV.
Dark humour.
Please send it to me (as per sub guidelines at The Nash Agency!

ZR/Zabé Ellor- JDLit
#MSWL middle grade about a beauty pageant, preferably funny and with a protagonist who likes it (instead of “I’m not like other girls”)

Brandylane Publishers
Aug 9
#MSWL -- the world needs more active #feminists. We’re currently seeking feminist #historicalfiction and #historicalnonfiction, so head to the #submissions page on our website! #womenarepower

Karly Caserza -Fuse Lit
Aug 8
I’m really hungry for #MG stories where the protagonist uses #STEM in badass and witty ways. Gimme? Query me. #mswl

Natascha Morris- Bookends
Aug 8
I would love to see a MG about a kid who doles out the justice of the streets without using violence, and instead their words and their mind. #MSWL
I really love the Descendants so I would love to see a MG about a kid that deals with growing out of the family shadow. #MSWL
And I'd love to find a book that deals with poverty and homelessness in a sensitive and kid friendly way #MSWL
Kid entrepreneurs! Kids standing up to authority! MG is when you are finally getting a sense of identity outside of the family unit and this would be perfect! Undergorund slime business out of the bathroom? YES #MSWL
MG Magical realism and Fantasy

Robbie Guillory- Kate Nash Lit
Aug 8
A few things I’d love to see drop into the #KateNashLiteraryAgency #submission inbox (address in my bio):
1.A rural Victorian saga, but that leaves the big houses out. As harvest time gets underway I long for hard cider and the sound of threshing machines.
#MSWL #amwriting
WW1 or WW2 stories that aren’t acts of derring-do. What about the people left behind, or those in the factories?
Got a character like Tilly Shilling? Get it in my inbox.
#MSWL #amwriting
.Real urban settings, with stories that wear them like a skin. The time period is irrelevant as long as I can picture what the streets smell like after rain.
#MSWL #amwriting

Erica- Metamorph Lit
Aug 7
Also #MSWL:
- Psychological thrillers with romantic elements
- Cozy Mysteries (think
- Rom Coms
- Small town romances with strong community ties and series potential
- Holiday romances
- Picture books with a great story, no rhyming ones at the moment.

Jessica Reino- Metamorph Lit
Aug 7
For #nonfiction I love learning new things when written in an engaging way. I’m interested in pop culture, health&wellness, sports, parenting, and humor books #mswl
Stories that have a dance or sports them-send my way! #mswl
Send me stories about the immigrant experience #mswl
Send me plus-sized MC for your romances #mswl

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