Saturday, April 18, 2020

Everyone Hanging in There?

I just wanted to check-in and see how everyone is doing. Are you reading as many books as I am? or maybe streaming Netflix? What about homeschooling? The new norm is sometimes boring. Lucky for me, this week marked my first week at Everett Community College. I want to become a teacher and so I need to take extra classes to receive a history endorsement.

Yep, history! People just assume English, but culture is my passion. That's why I love mixing fantasy with history like in The Cleopatra's Legacy books. Funny thing happened though. I haven't been back to school in over 25 years. We didn't have the internet back then. So, I thought taking two classes would help ease me back into the swing of things. They use something called canvas. I registered for online classes, which turned out to be a boon because of Covid 19.

At the time I also signed up on the waitlist for two additional classes, just so I had options. Time went by, and I settled on my classes and I thought I'd dropped myself off of the waitlist. Well, on the second day of classes I got an email from the teacher of Ancient Civilizations saying I'd been added to his class so I should pay for it and buy the book. Say what?

I went to the college website with every intention of dropping the class since it had been an accident to get in, and then my plans changed. The class had already been added to my canvas account so I thought taking a look at the course and syllabus would be fun. It sucked me right in! So now I am taking three online classes, American Government, Pacific Northwest History, and Ancient Civilizations. I'm such a nerd I already completed the rough draft of my essay for Gov that is due at the end of the semester.

So, my days are getting a bit more interesting than normal. There are eight of us living here and it gets crowded. I can't wait for the stay at home order to end, but in the meantime, there's school.

On a side note, I am still waiting to see if I got into the MA of History program at ASU. It is taking so long to hear back. These three classes at the community college will hopefully fill my thoughts until I hear the news. Sticking up a picture of my writing area, not as neat as it used to be, lol. What's your workspace look like after four weeks of staying home?

I hope everyone is hanging in there and reading some good books. I have two YA reviews coming up soon.

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  1. Hi Dorine, Wow. I would love to take a class in Ancient Civilizations. Maybe I will check out my local junior college. I'm hanging in there. The isolation has been hard. I am reading a lot -- a fascinating biography of Charles Lindbergh right now -- and doing jigsaw puzzles. I'll be glad when this is over! Take care. Congrats on your classes.