Monday, July 13, 2020

Middle-Grade Spotlight- The Case of the Covid Crisis by Pendred Noyce

Welcome to Middle-Grade Monday! Are your kids asking questions about the pandemic? Are they asking what the weird word Covid means? Then I've got a book for you! The Case of the Covid Crisis by Pendred Noyce.

The Book-
 If you have a middle-grade reader that loves adventure and is curious about science introduce them to Mae and Clinton and The Case of the Covid Crisis. 
These two are special recruits of the Galactic Academy of Science and they travel through space and time to discover the science and math behind the pandemic. It helps kids understand the current crisis and how it fits in with past epidemics….as well as demonstrating how much you can do even in these very trying times. An empowering and fun adventure for all kids large or small.

The Author-
Pendred Noyce 
Penny grew up in Silicon Valley before studying biochemistry at Harvard and medicine at Stanford. She has received recognition and numerous awards for her compelling body of work for young readers, particularly inspiring women in science, including Magnificent Minds, Remarkable Minds, Inventors, Makers, Barrier Breakers, Mosquitoes Don’t Bite Me, Lost in Lexicon, Ice Castle, and The Beechwood Flute. Penny challenges readers to grapple with issues related to women in science and history, identity and adolescence, resilience, family, and more. She is a powerful storyteller and an important voice in literature for children, teens & young adults.

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