Friday, July 17, 2020

New YA! Silent Screams by Zachary Ryan

Check out this new YA!
Silent Screams by Zachary Ryan

The Book-
Sometimes, our silence is louder than words.

For a group of friends, one mistake changed the course of their lives forever.
In the aftermath of a tragic school shooting, the group must find their own form of justice and a way to begin healing from a wound that just won’t stop hurting.
For them, the lines were drawn.
 Right and wrong became blurred.
Friends became enemies.
Told from the perspective of four friends, we learn how one student’s revenge reigned terror over a school and a community-- causing secrets to unfold and relationships to be tested. 

A compelling and powerful story about a school shooting. A must-read.
Topics- #Crime   #Schoolshooting   #Violence   #LGBTQ 

The Author-
Zachary Ryan grew up in a black-and-white box in Maryland, before moving to Chicago to start a new life. There, he found that he was accepted for his misfit status--and learned that it's perfectly normal to spend your twenties feeling lost and confused.

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