Monday, August 17, 2020

New Middle-Grade! Lola Benko, Treasure Hunter by Beth McMullen + Giveaway!


Welcome to Middle-Grade Monday! Today I am taking part in the Blog Tour for a new MG release, Lola Benko, Treasure Hunter by Beth McMullen. The pub date is just days away on Aug. 25th! You can pre-order now and get it the day it releases. I have a giveaway copy for one lucky reader. To enter fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

The Book-

Having a world-traversing archaeologist dad means twelve-year-old Lola Benko is used to moving around and not putting down roots anywhere. But every day and every hunt for something hidden is an adventure, and no matter what, she and her dad are an unbeatable team.

Then her father disappears. The official story is that he was caught in a flash flood, but Lola’s research shows the day in question was perfectly pleasant. And it will take more than empty reassurances from suspect strangers for Lola to give up on her dad. She has a feeling his disappearance has to do with a mythical stone he was studying—a stone so powerful, it could control the world. But in the wrong hands, it could end it, too...

With the help of some new friends at her school, it’s up to Lola to go on the most important hunt of her life.

My Review-

This book is alive with adventure. Lola is a spunky heroine who is able to accomplish a lot for being only 12 years old. Her inner dialogue is hilarious and her escapades even more so. Though I do wonder at a child being able to break into mansions or steal a car, the quirkiness fits the story. Lola is the only one who believes her father is still alive and she will do anything to prove it. She determines that she must steal something worth millions of dollars to be able to fund her quest. However, the bad guys find their way to her first. 

The two side characters are sweet. There is Jin, a boy Lola meets at her new school who wants to team up with her to win the annual STEM contest. Did I forget to mention Lola invents cool gadgets? Hannah, Jin's competition in the contest is the other character. I really enjoyed the dynamics between all three youth. From start to finish there is a full arc story of friendship and honor. I also liked that Lola was stalwart and able to face the evil magic stone on her own. You'll have to read to find out. 

Overall a great MG mystery/adventure with a magical twist. The end gives hints of a sequel so this book might be the beginning of something big. I give it 4 stars!

The Author-

Beth McMullen is the author of the Mrs. Smith’s Spy School for Girls series; the Lola Benko, Treasure Hunter series; and several adult mysteries. Her books have heroes and bad guys, action and messy situations. An avid reader, she once missed her subway stop and rode the train all the way to Brooklyn because the book she was reading was that good. She lives in Northern California with her family, two cats and a parakeet named Zeus, who is sick of the cats eyeballing him like he’s dinner. Visit her at

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