Monday, July 12, 2021

Literati Box #3

My final Literati box arrived last week. The books that have been selected so far have been spot-on for middle graders. This box is particularly interesting to me because it contains a book by one of my favorite authors, Angie Sage. I told my son I have first dibs :)

So, this box's theme was investigation and mystery. It came with the stickers and bookplates for Matthew and 5 selections. This time he wanted all 5 picks and would not have returned any.

The books included:

Premeditated Myrtle by Elizabeth C. Brunce

Twilight Hauntings by Angie Sage

The House that Wasn't There by Elana K. Arnold

Super Puzzletastic Mysteries by Chris Grabenstein (short sleuth stories)

One Dead Spy- A Revolutionary War Tale from Amulet Books (a graphic novel. See picture.) 

I have been very pleased over the last three months and I have decided to continue my subscription. At first, I wondered if I wanted to pay a base fee every month, but I then realized how much time and effort it saves me to have new releases delivered to my door, and with free returns, I think it is worth the fee. Whenever I head to the library or even Amazon, it is hard to figure out what the new releases are and these deliveries make it so easy. Plus, there is no bias over publishers or authors. I will be moving up to the Club Titan level so that I can get a sampling of their YA lists. Two things I wish

1. A combo club of Phoenix and Titan. Older readers read many books that are considered in the middle-grade category and I would love a mix.

2. An easy-to-find help or consumer service link on every page of the website. There is one, but I had to go through several pages to find it. 


Club Neo: newborn - 3 years

Club Sprout: ages 3 thru 5

Club Nova: ages 5 thru 7

Club Sage: ages 7 thru 9

Club Phoenix: ages 9 thru 12

Club Titan: ages 13+

The boxes I have received were part of Club Phoenix. Things to know in advance:  Club membership is $9.95 per month plus the cost of any books you choose to keep. Explore the books for one week, select your favorites, and return the rest. Returns are free. Something I did not previously know was that if you keep all five books they take 5% off the prices. Skip months or cancel any time. If you are interested in joining click HERE.

I hope you have enjoyed these sample boxes as much as I have. I'd like to thank Literati for allowing my blog to participate in fair reviews.

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