Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Nobody's Pilgrims- Adult Contemporary- Sergio Troncoso Giveaway!

 Hi Everyone, today I am looking at the Adult Contemporary book, Nobody's Pilgrims by Sergio Troncoso. It is a gritty take on a cross-country trip and a coming-of-age novel. Three teens, pursued by a violent truck owner, a drug lord, and an assassin, all while looking for freedom and finding love. A multi-cultural look at a world many only see on television. Nobody's Pilgrims, a thrill ride and adventure in one.

The Story-

Three teenagers are traveling northeast in a navy blue Ford pickup. Turi has fled his abusive family to see the beautiful New England landscape he's always dreamed about. Arnulfo is undocumented and wants only to find someplace to work and live. Molly seeks a new life far away from her nowhere Missouri town. Turi and Arnulfo are best friends. Molly and Turi are falling in love.

But for all their innocence, violence follows the trio at every turn. The mean viejito who owns the truck wants it back. The narco who hid a deadly shipment in the truck really, really wants it back. And the imperturbable hitman the narco sends after the trio will kill anyone who stands in his way. Turi, Arnulfo, and Molly might outrun the carnage that's stalking them ... but they can't elude the chaos they're carrying, no matter how far they go.

The Giveaway-

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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

May The Fourth Be With You! Giveaway

May The Fourth Be With You Giveaway!

 Happy May 4th! or Star Wars Day. To celebrate I am giving away an 11" Grogu Plush and a set of Star Wars socks to one lucky winner. This giveaway is also to celebrate my new online store, Dorine's Whimseys. So, most of the entrees will be geared toward gaining likes and follows. Good Luck! To enter fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Together We Ride- Picture Book Review and Author Interview

Welcome, today I am reviewing the picture book, Together We Ride, by Valerie Bolling, illustrated by Kaylani Juanita.

The Story-

Learning to ride is no easy feat! But with a little courage, a guiding hand from her dad, and an enthusiastic bark from her pup, one brave girl quickly learns the freedom that comes from an afternoon spent outside on a bike.

My Thoughts-

This story is very simple. Most pages only have two words. The illustrations are beautiful and really sell the story. Full, bright landscapes that allow a child to follow along with the story. I love reading a story that has the dad being a good example and actively participating in his child's life.

Author Interview;

I was able to ask Valerie a few simple questions! Please enjoy:

Why do you write children’s books? I love to write, and I love children. On my website, I say: "I write because I want all children to feel at home in a book. I want them to smile, laugh, think, and question. Most of all, I want them to celebrate the diverse world in which we live." That's why I write.

What inspires you to write? Children inspire me to write, particularly, my nieces Zorah and Anyah. What's wonderful is that Zorah loves to write, and Anyah loves to draw. Maybe they'll be an author/illustrator team someday. In terms of the topics I write about, anything can inspire me. Most often it starts with something I observe or a memory or feeling. 

What’s next for you? RIDE, ROLL, RUN: TIME FOR FUN! will be released on October 4, 2022. Sequels to that book and TOGETHER WE RIDE (TOGETHER WE SWIM and BING, BOP, BAM: TIME TO JAM!) as well as a Scholastic early reader series, RAINBOW DAYS, are slated for 2023.

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Friday, April 22, 2022

Happy Earth Day! To Celebrate I'm Giving away an Earth Day 2022 Squishmallows

 Happy Earth Day Everyone! After my book review, I have the rafflecopter form to enter to win an Earth Squishmallows 7".

One of my favorite books, when I was a child, was The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. When thinking about a book to mention on Earth Day, this old, sweet story stuck inside my mind. I'm not sure if it is read to many children anymore, even though it is a Caldecott winner. I highly encourage giving this classic a try.

The Little House is the story of a beautiful, happy house full of love and family. It is passed down through the generations and slowly over time the city begins to creep closer and closer. Finally, the Little House is surrounded by dirty sidewalks and skyscrapers and is no longer happy. It feels abandoned and neglected, but it "shall never be sold for gold or silver." Finally, a descendant of the original family moves the house back out to the country where it can see the sun, the moon, the stars, and breathe clean air.

This book was the first book to teach me the consequences of industry and cities. Watching how sad the house got as the environment around it was destroyed really stood out to me as a child. I think this is a wonderful book to teach children to love the earth. It is not that the city is all bad, just that it intrudes and can easily overwhelm. Kids will understand that keeping the city away is what is best for the environment and the Little House.

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Monday, April 18, 2022

World Book Day is Coming! To Celebrate I'm Having a Giveaway!

 World Book Day is Coming! To Celebrate I'm Giving away both a hard set and a kindle set of my Cleopatra's Legacy Series. I am cross-promoting this giveaway with my online retail store Dorine's Whimseys.


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The Emerald Ring- Sara Bogus’s life turns upside down when she discovers an emerald ring that once belonged to Cleopatra. The fun of discovering the ring’s unique abilities turns to fear when she finds out a dangerous cult bent on restoring Rome to power is after the ring. Forced to choose between keeping the ring and saving her friends, Sara learns the price of bravery in this electrifying read!

The Ruby Pendant- Welcome to New Orleans- home of Mardi Gras, jazz music, and voodoo. Eighth-grader Melanie Belaforte is home for Spring break and itching for excitement. Late one night she discovers a hidden chamber and a secret journal in her deceased Aunt Florence’s bedroom.
The diary contains the writings of a madwoman, along with vague clues to the whereabouts of a ruby necklace that once belonged to Cleopatra. The ruby bestows upon the wearer the power to hear other people’s thoughts- even the thoughts of the dead!
And so the hunt begins. Melanie, her best friend Sybil, and a haunting specter unravel clues that take them from crumbling graveyards to the busy streets of the French Quarter, and then into murky swamps, all to find the prize. But they need to watch out, because a murderous cult is matching them step for step, and they won’t give up, ever.

    The Diamond Looking Glass-

Beauty and the Beast.

The world knows it as a cartoon with dancing teacups and broomsticks. To twelve-year-old Claire La Fleur, it is family history, and the power behind Belle’s mirror is real. Every ten years her family gathers to see if the mirror will awaken, and for the last two hundred years, it has slept.

This time, Claire’s touch awakens the magic within the diamond-looking glass, a direct portal to the past and a way to communicate with Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Egypt. The lure of power brings with it many perils, and a betrayal close to home thrusts Claire into a treacherous underworld. To protect the mirror, she travels into the Louvre museum in the dark of night, searches abandoned subway tunnels and walks the catacombs of the dead.

Welcome to Paris, France - where danger follows in every step.

The Sapphire Blade-
The final journey begins!
Travel with past heroes and a new adventurer to the historical romps of London and the scorching sands of Alexandria. Fourteen-year-old Akmir, raised from birth to sacrifice everything in the pursuit of Cleopatra’s magic gemstones, holds within his hands the secret location of the fifth and final mystic gem: the blue sapphire.
His quest leads him to England, where four other gemstone searchers: Sara, Melanie, Kainu, and Claire, are on the hunt. A pawn of the Roman Brotherhood, Akmir must choose his own path, whether to follow in his father’s brutal footsteps or stay true to his mother’s Egyptian heritage. Clues, puzzles, and danger rule the day.
What will happen when the power of all five gemstones are brought together? This is a battle for life and death, and only one side can win.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Manuscript Wishlist Information for 3/2022

Looking for an agent or editor? MSWL (Manuscript Wishlist) is a good way to start. All listings are from Twitter posts.

Emily Forney- Agent BookEnds Lit


✨Hi I’m back OPEN to queries✨

I’ll make a #mswl thread throughout the day, but here are a few things I’d love to see:

✨romantic fantasies

✨assassins, spies, detectives

✨court fantasies (maybe w/fae)

✨YA contemp. retellings of 90s movies

I’m stoked to find new books!!

Tasneem Motala - Assistant Agent The Rights Factory


things that I will forever have on my #MSWL 

- sky pirates

- futuristic fantasy

- retellings of lesser-known folktales and myths

- contemporary YA with niche interests at the forefront

- found family

Eric, OPEN for MS queries- Editor 5310 Publications


We just opened for submissions 🚨 #MSWL

👉 5310 Publishing is looking for Speculative Fiction, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Romance, Thriller, Suspense, Historical Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, LGBTQ+, and more!

👉 Please spread the word!❤️

Go to to learn more.

Lauren is opening to queries on 4/1! Get ready! - Agent Trida US Lit


I open to queries on Friday 4/1! I have a full manuscript wishlist you can see on the #MSWL website, but here are the items I'm looking for in particular:

--Adult suspense & RomCom

--YA contemp w/ a BIG commercial hook

--MG fantasy

I look forward to hearing from you!

Jaymee Goh- Editor Tachyon Publications


Looking for:

secondary-world fantasy, always;

societal effects of technological developments;

soft apocalypses;

re-tellings / re-imagininings of myths and legends (particularly from Southeast Asia, but I’ll take anywhere but England/white America);

worlds where people with disabilities have other problems beyond infrastructural obstacles;

protagonists I can assume are queer by default;

family structures that refuse the nuclear family unit system;

economies that aren’t intense hyper-capitalism;

if you must have space oppression, I expect a lot of shiny things in recompense; 

characters who are specialists in a less glamorous field (e.g. geology)

love stories: asexual romance, polyamory, platonic best friends forever, found family

authors of colour writing back to their own communities;

low-stakes, chill stories.

Kayla Cichello - Agent at Upstart Crow Literary. Open to PB - YA.


Spring 22 #MSWL:

MG/YA thrillers, rom-coms (fresh hook, please!), magical realism, & under-repped voices

Investigative journalism for MG/YA

BIPOC or #ownvoices PBs


Sub guidelines:

Eric Smith - Agent P.S. Literary Agency


Officially caught up on queries! Thanks, writer friends. Reminder, I'm especially looking for:

Stories that celebrate neurodiversity by neurodivergent authors.

🥰 Joyful fiction + NF about adoption by adoptees.

👀 Surprising genre-blending rom-coms.

Rachelle Gardner - Agent Gardner Literary


Querying authors, we're looking for non-fiction books that grapple with racial issues, LGBTQ+ issues and all social issues. No DMs. See submission guidelines here: #MSWL #InspyBooks #WritingCommunity #progressive #nonfiction

Mandy Hubbard -Founder/Agent Emerald City Lit


I could do a whole #MSWL on this (MG  or YA only please!) so here goes: 

-Enchanted. Takes place in one night. Intense romance 

- The last great American dynasty. Gimme the outsider protag who kinda relishes screwing up high society

- anything with ONLY THE YOUNG energy [FYI- Taylor Swift Reference]

Adria Goetz- Agent martin Lit


A bit of a bookworm. Literary Agent + Fairy Godmother at Martin Literary. ✨ MSWL: 


Olive Street Publishing


Have a manuscript that’s women’s fiction, chick lit, romance, or YA/NA fantasy? That’s on our #MSWL 😉 send us a submission today! #amquerying #writingcommmunity.

P.S. Literary Agency


“Send me all your ghost stories. I'll take adult fiction (scary or fun), a history of haunted places in America, an illustrated book—you name it, I'm here for it. Spook me!” 



Happy Hunting!