Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer time

Wow, time has sure flown by. The kids are out of school and the endless days of summer are beginning. I just want to mention my personal progress. I have been working on my third novel for a while. The first 50 or so pages are written and then I staled out. I mentioned a few blogs back that I had solved the problem by adding an additional character and subplot. I thought that was true, until I still couldn't write. Ugh! The process is hard sometimes. I finally realized I liked the additional character but I needed more action. So, now I'm imagining up whole new adventures involving dragons and underground tunnels. I'll see how it goes.

In other news, I finally got back my manuscript from Wendy Lamb books. They are the first publishing company to request my manuscript. It was so exciting back in August when I sent out my query with just the first five pages of text. I received a reply immediately to send the first 5 chapters. Then I received another letter asking for the whole manuscript. I can't tell you how excited I was. I checked the mail box for several months, nothing. Now the end of June I finally got a rejection letter. It was one of the nicest one's yet and I can tell the editor liked my work, she just had others she liked better. Oh Well! I'll keep my chin up.


  1. Maybe I'll have better luck getting in touch with you here - I've been leaving comments on the Northpoint blog for over a month now and still cannot get any info. Could someone PLEASE tell me how to contact the Northpoint HOA?

  2. Hi Cheap Cindy- I just posted on the other blog too, . As you can see I'm behind this summer. Our hoa president Jim is monitoring the email. If all else fails- my email is Please don't spread it around, but I feel bad you had to wait so long while I was on break. Dorine