Thursday, August 27, 2009

SCBWI sign up time

Ok everyone out there it's time to sign up for SCBWI Western Washington. Programming begins next month. The first meeting of the year is Sept. 8th at 6:45 at Seattle Pacific Univ. Demarry Hall room 150.

I can not stress the importance of signing up for not only the international SCBWI but your local chapter too. The resources that become available to you are worth the membership fee. Here's the website . You can get to the international site from here also.

Many people wonder about the point of joining writing groups. Writing is a solitary world and it helps to see who else is out there writing. Plus, you get to go to CONFERENCES. Yep, I meant it to be in bold. Conferences are the key to helping you achieve your dreams. You meet other writers plus real agents and editors. So do our self a favor and join a writing organization today.

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