Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kidlit contest

Here's another contest that might be of interest to fellow writers. It comes from Mary Kole, an assoc. editor at Andrea Brown.

Straight from the site-it’s too messy to have people post their entries in comments, so please don’t leave an entry there. Only use the comments to ask questions. This time, I’m going to let you enter by e-mail only, to mary at kidlit dot com,
with the subject line “Kidlit Contest.” Copy and paste your novel text… do not send attachments. Your entry has to be for a children’s novel (YA or MG, sorry, no picture books this time around), it has to be for a manuscript that is FINISHED and could be sent out to an agent, and it must be under 500 words.
To be clear, you have to email your entry to me with the subject line “Kidlit Contest” by January 31st, 2010 in order to qualify.
Once I have all entries, I will deliberate for about a week, pick the most compelling openings, dissect what makes them so awesome on the site AND award you fabulous prizes:
Grand Prize Winner: A 15 page critique
First Place: A 10 page critique
Second Place: A 5 page critique
Third Place: A 2 page critique
Honorable Mention(s): A critique of the first page of your novel
Again, deadline for entries: Sunday, January 31st at 11:59 p.m., The link to copy and paste is below.

Kidlit Contest

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