Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lynne Polvino - editor

The Spring SCBWI conference was great! I barely got over my illness in time to make it, but I did. So, here's the scoop! I had a manuscript consultation with Lynne Polvino, editor at Clarion. She was super nice. It was a good experience. She liked my set up! Yipee!

So, a little about her from the conference; Lynne Polvino has been with Clarion Books, an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, for 11 years.
She edits a wide range of projects, from picture books and poetry to fiction and nonfiction for infants through grade 12. Prior to her arrival at Clarion, Lynne worked at a small literary agency. Cool side note- she plays bass in a female fronted garage rock band.

During the editor panel she mentioned that she doesn't like it when people write, "My kids love this story!" in their queries, or mention their pets.

Also, she'll be off on maternity leave starting in July, so you'll need to either send stuff before or wait 3 months. She asks that you do not call or send follow-up emails regarding the status of your query.

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