Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nick Eliopulos- Editor

Onward to the Summer SCBWI conference. Up to bat is Nick Eliopulos, editor at Scholastic.
His background includes a five year turn at Random House Children's Books before moving to Scholastic. He has edited several MG and YA books including,
 the Tapestry Series, The Pricker Boy, Unfamiliar Magic, and the upcoming Sons of Liberty Graphic novel.

On a more personal note, he loves a good book for boys. He grew up reading comics and loves to involve himself in graphic novels.

When asked the question which was more important, voice or plot? His answer was PLOT. He'd also like to see a strong character in terms of action and dialogue instead of narration. He wants to see the plot stand out right away and not take to long to get to.

When asked which author he'd like to work with- his answer was Scott Westerfield.

Advice he'd give to writers- Read, read everything that is out there.

For a current personal interview check out http://www.leewind.org/2010/07/nick-eliopulos-exclusive-scbwi-team.html

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