Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I finished the second book!

I just want to announce that I finished the first draft of, The Ruby Pendant. Yeah, baby. Now I know that I have several months of edits ahead, but I just want to bask in this joy for awhile.

The MS rings in at 33,000 words. Pretty good for a middle grader. Though, I plan to bring it up closer to 38,000 after edits. I am so happy.

The story- Thirteen year old Melanie Belaforte sees ghosts. Not so unusual in New Orleans, huh. Well, this ghost leads her on a treasure hunt for the Ruby Pendant. A gemstone with the magical gift of hearing. Of course, the Roman cultists are there too, offering danger and suspense. Can she find the Ruby necklace and defeat the cultists while not going crazy hearing voices in her head?

Fun times!

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