Sunday, January 2, 2011


I am so excited. I just reached 30,000 words on my book, The Ruby Pendant, the second novel in the Cleopatra's Legacy series. I am determined to have the second book written and in edits so that when an editor calls I can say, "Hey don't worry, I know series take a while, but look, I've already written the second book out of four!"

The story is so fun to write about too; New Orleans, ghosts, magic and voodoo.

Now, to get the first book published. During December I took some time to research editors. I focused on ones I met during the summer at the SCBWI and the PNWA Conferences. From those that attended I narrowed it down to a few that seemed interested in fantasy and middle grade. I sent out my queries and prayed. Now, the long wait begins. I feel so certain this book is going to be published. I've had great responses so far. Its made it up to the acquisitions committee at two different publishers, only to fail right at the end. I know the right publisher is out there. I tweaked the book before I sent out my recent queries. I feel these knew changes give the book some extra spice.

OK, cross your fingers. I'll let you know how it goes.

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