Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Andrea Brown- Literary Agent

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea Brown at the Whidbey Island Writer's Conference, 2011. She is the President of Andrea Brown Literary Agency. In all there are 9 agents there, all specializing in children's books.
They have offices in Northern California, Southern California, Chicago and New York. I'd like to focus on part of her presentation entitled, the Seven Fundamentals. In fact, she told us that when critiquing our manuscripts, if we could not check off everything on her fundamental list, then we were not ready to send it out.
Here goes:
1. You need memorable characters that stay with you.
2. Plot- you need one. Make sure you can boil everything down to a 3 line Hollywood pitch. Older readers- check you have good subplots.
3. Be able to give your manuscript a one word theme.
4. Make sure there is conflict.
5. Point of View. In fact, Andrea does not believe in writer's block. If you are stuck she says to change your POV.
6. Make sure there is a beginning, middle and end. Plus, learn pacing in your writing.
7. Make sure the book has a resolution.

Other advice she gave included, never end your day of writing at the end of a chapter, always move into the next chapter. Don't do 1st person PB, don't work alone, have a critique group, and finally, if you don't have an agent to go over your contract, make sure you hire a literary lawyer. It is worth it. For submission guidelines and more info- check out http://www.andreabrownlit.com/.

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