Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doctor Who -100 Follower Bundle Giveaway!

100 Followers! Hip hip hooray. I know it's not Monday, but I can't wait.

To celebrate I am holding a contest for something near and dear to my heart- Goodies from my Dr. Who collection.
 Here's what the winner gets: the book, Doctor Who- Apollo 23, with Matt Smith as the Doctor and Amy. A David Tennant and Martha make a scene game and for classic Who fans, an original 1984 Doctor Who Magazine (No.85 Feb) which includes Peter Davidson and Teegan and a color poster of The Master by Doctor Who artist Andrew Skilleter. That's right, a whole bundle of good stuff.

For those who don't know about Dr. Who, everything is appropriate for youth and adults. My teenagers love Dr. Who and read all the books. You might want to check out the longest running sci-fi series EVER at BBC America/BBC.

The Rules-

1. This contest is INTERNATIONAL. You must be 13+.

2. You must follow this blog.

3. Follow me on twitter @Dorine White +1 point. Tweet the contest +1 point (+1 for every time you tweet, max 10), post + 1, blog +2

4. Leave a comment with your email addy and points, then tell me who is your favorite companion?

The Contest will run for 2 weeks, ending Tuesday, June 7th at 9am PCT.

And to answer every one's question- My favorite companions are Romana and Donna, both two feisty females. Good Luck and Spread the Word!

(Due to Blogger's hit or miss with comments, if you can't leave a comment feel free to Tweet me @DorineWhite and mention #Doctorwho contest to enter.)


  1. My squeal of joy at this is loud and proud. Thank you for offering a bundle of awesome Dr. Who stuff! :D

    As far as entries go:
    I follow via Google Friend Connect
    I tweeted about it:!/ArtemisHi/status/72482624832143360
    My email add:
    The fav companions is a tough one. But I do like Donna, and Amy (who seems to combine a little bit of Rose with a little bit of Donna)....although I must say I do not like Matt Smith's Doctor so much.

  2. Okay, I admit I don't know anything about Dr. Who but I do keep hearing about it on twitter so count me in.

    Follower StuckInBooks


  3. follower
    gfc- Marjie Pride
    twitter- reelfoothoodrat
    i tweeted

    The fav companion is def Rose!