Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Joe Monti- Agent, Barry Goldblatt Literary

For inside the publishing world today I focus on Joe Monti, an agent at the Barry Goldblatt Literary agency. Monti has worked in publishing for over 20 years.
 He spent time as the children's fiction buyer for Barnes and Noble, held an executive sales position at Houghton Mifflin, and was an editorial director at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. He has been at Barry Goldblatt for several years now.

I was able to talk to Monti at this year's SCBWI Western Washington Spring Conference. He was extremely kind and told me he encourages people not to be nervous when they approach agents.

What does he like, "mostly fiction" and "Middle Grade is my sweet spot". When he reads he channels his nine year old inner child. It was when he was young that he had open heart surgery and spent a lot of recovery time reading. From then on books meant a lot to him and he has focused on the kidlit world.

He has a positive outlook on the current publishing market, he mentions that there is a, "trend of debut authors doing extremely well". He also states the the writing community is supportive to debut authors. When it comes to manuscripts he says that far more often than not, the well written manuscript will win out. When submitting queries he asks for a synopsis and the first five pages via email. For conference attendees he accepts submissions indefinitely :)

To find out more about Joe Monti and Barry Goldblatt Literary, check out their website


  1. Love Joe's comment that you shouldn't be nervous when approaching agents. Every time I've working up the nerve to talk to an agent they've been lovely.

  2. This entire post makes me smile. Perhaps because I write MG and would be one of those debut authors. Thank you for highlighting Joe.