Friday, June 17, 2011

Book Review- Beyonders by Brandon Mull

Beyonders is an upper middle grade fantasy novel published by Aladdin, an imprint of Simon and Schuster BFYR. The entire book is 454 pages and is the first of a series.

The Story- Jason Walker is a normal boy, until he is sucked through a hippo tank at the zoo and into another world, Lyrian. This strange world is full of magic, but not hereos. In fact, all heroes have either been killed as they resisted the evil wizard Maldor or bribed into a life of overflowing pleasures. Coming from Earth, Jason posesses the strength and courage to fight against Maldor. He teams up with Rachel, another human mysteriously appearing in Lyrian. Together they go on a quest to learn a magic word that will destroy the wizard.

My Thoughts- I am a fool for fantasy and this books contains elements I love. First, normal boy taken from earth and sent to another reality. Second, a cool quest full of danger and exciting puzzles. Third, a totally twisty ending. I'm going to say this book works for ages 8 and up, yep adults too. I love the strange characters and felt invested in their plight.

For Parents- Kids will love this book. There is violence, Jason is being hunted by the evil wizard and fights appear whenever his minions catch up. Nothing too bad though. No bad language or sex.


  1. I need to pick this up. It's on my wish list. Great review.