Thursday, June 30, 2011

Book Review- The Chronicles of Anaedor-The Prophecies by Kristina Schram

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The Chronicles of Anaedor, The Prophecies, by Kristina Schram is a tween read of 363 pages. Published by BLiP, the YA imprint of Variance Publishing, it is also one of this week's giveaways. Click HERE to enter.

The story- Young Lavida Mor is sent to live at her father's ancestral estate, Portal Manor. While there she begins hearing strange tales about her new home, tales of ghosts and missing people.
 Strangest of all are the caretakers, Mrs. Keeper, who keeps disappearing into old cobweb filled rooms and Mrs. Dooley, the cook who makes enough food for dozens, even though only 4 people live there. Lavida is quick to learn that things aren't what they appear at the Manor. When she finds a secret passage in her bedroom, her adventures begin in the underground world of Anaedor. A place where fairytale creatures still exist and magic is the norm. Unfortunately for Lavida, one of the rulers of  Anaedor, Malvado, is intent on killing her and taking over the underground realm all for himself. Too bad for him, Lavida might be the long awaited savior told of in an ancient prophecy,a hero that will free Anaedor from darkness.

My thoughts- I enjoyed this new fantasy tale. It is perfectly aimed at the tween audience. One comment, the beginning chapter is a bit full of descriptions and similes, but then boom, the author hits her stride and the book flows. Lavida is a great sassy female lead. I love the way she stands up for herself and uses witty comebacks. She is also relateable, her fear of not having friends because they might think she is a freak, is a universal theme. Everyone has an anxiety over something about their own character.You can even feel her despair at having an absentee father.  As a reader, it is enjoyable to follow Lavida's path as she discovers for herself that she had the potential for greatness.

I also liked reading about all the unique creatures that inhabit the underground world. There aren't just goblins and dwarves, there's everything you can imagine, plus a few more. Their presence adds great color and variety to the story. Her two new friends, siblings Ellie and Eddie, that acidentally end up underground too, add a good kick and sense of humor. Plus, in the end, the author is able to show what real friendship is all about. The ending also ties up well, completing the original story while dropping the clues neccessary for a sequel. I'd say this book will work for kids 10 and up.

For Parents-  Mild violence, Lavida does have to fight Malvado and his underlings. No bad language or inappropriate situations. Nice school age crush, nothing more.

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