Friday, August 12, 2011

Book Review- Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick

Welcome to a post apocalyptic world full of teen age zombies. Ashes, by Ilsa J. Bick, published by Egmont USA, is a 480 page YA adventure that starts and never stops, not even on the last page.

The Story-  Seventeen year old Alexandra has a brain tumor and is going to die. She has given up on life and is spending her remaining days hiking to Lake Superior to spread her dead parent's ashes. Four days into her hike, a gut retching noise rips the air and sends people to their knees, puking blood. The old man near Alex drops dead and Alex is stuck with his annoying 8 year old grand daughter and dog. Hiking to the nearest ranger station, truly strange events begin taking place, the weirdest being two teenagers eating an old woman.
Yep, seems that EMP pulses have gone off around the world, causing nuclear plants to react, teenagers to turn into zombie like creatures, and anybody between ages 20 and 50 to drop dead. Only a few are Spared. The story that follows is Alex's struggle for survival in a world of old people and zombies (both being bad news).

My Thoughts- Five stars! and I don't do stars. I couldn't put this book down. Alex's journey is so intense. She goes from a girl whose given up on life, to a survivor, fighting for every day. Her character is strong and amazing. The first several pages allow the reader to peek into her life, to get to know her on an intimate level, so that when the action starts, the reader is invested. Everything seems real to life- the lack of food, water, shelter. People scavenging for everything and tyring to find others to survive among. The zombie like teenagers add an extra point of fear, you never know when one will show up and try to eat somebody. There are also some cool extra sensory powers that develop among previously  brain damaged people (yes, Alex too.) The hardest part was the ending, it stops on a cliff hanger. I turned the page and the book was done. Yikes! I actually tweeted Egmont to ask if there was a book 2 and thank goodness there is, Shadows coming  2012.

For Parents- This is a YA book that is for older teens. There is tons of violence, I mean hello, there are flesh eating zombies.

Release date- Sept 6, 2011. Pre order now- click on the Amazon banner below.

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  1. This is the best story. I have only finished the second book, but in the middle of the second I had to make myself put it down so I could take a breather!! I'm serious.
    I have recommended this trilogy who are still teaching high school English where I retired to have their reluctant readers try these. If these books do not make them readers, nothing will!

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