Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Michelle Richter- editor St. Martin's Press

Meet Michelle Richter, an editor at St. Martin's Press, a division of Macmillan. Michelle has a Masters of Science in Publishing from Pace University and a BA in Economics with a minor in Russian from the Univ. of Massachusetts-Boston.

I had the privilege of meeting Michelle at this Summer's PNWA conference. Michelle joined St. Martin's Press in  2006 as an editorial assistant. She mostly deals in non fiction, however, she is also seeking commercial fiction, memoir, biography, women's fiction, humor, pop culture, cozy's and thrillers.

When giving advice to writers Michelle says, "Have a platform, know what you're talking about. Only celebrities get away without one." She highly advises using twitter, calling it a great way to get author information across.

One thing that annoys her is when a character's language is wrong, sounding older or younger than it should. Also, being from Boston, don't try to pull a fake Boston accent, she knows it too well.

She was asked the question, "What do editors really do?" Her answer- An editor is a jack of all trades. They help you make a better book with word changes and ask huge questions. They shuffle it through production, the sales team, publicity and the art department.  They also talk to agents and get you paid.

In regards to e-pub, she says that publishing on Amazon 1st is not a problem, however, she will check your numbers.

Her advice about queries- When you use a comp title make sure it is one that sells.

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  1. Don't publish this but I thought I would tell you, The last sentence… it should be
    "one that sells."
    (I would want to know, just trying to help.)
    Take care.
    Best of success!