Friday, October 21, 2011

Book Review- The Death Cure by James Dashner

The final book in the Maze Runner trilogy is finally out! The Death Cure, by James Dashner, brings the story of Thomas to a close.

The Story- Thomas and his friends are now in the hands of WICKED. They’ve escaped the maze and the scorched lands and now they are lab rats.
They are told that the time for lies is over, that now they will have their memories restored. But, Thomas doesn’t believe them. So, when everyone else opts to have their memories returned, Thomas and two of the Gladers escape.

They arrive in one of the protected cities in Colorado, only to learn that the Flare is present even there. With no where to run, things look grim as the city is over run my man eating Goners. Thomas and friends join up with a rebel group intent on bringing WICKED down. The end finally comes as Thomas tries to rescue other immunes before the rebels blow up the building in which they are being held.

My Thoughts- I have to be honest, the first book, The Maze Runner, was the best. Even though this book sums everything up, it is just not as suspenseful as the first. But, I have to admit the end was a shocker. SEMI SPOILER** One of the main characters dies and it turns out that after all the kids have gone through, all the brutal violence and death, that WICKED is no where near a cure. The reality is, there is no hope for those left behind.

I’ve enjoyed the character of Thomas. He stays true to himself in all three books. He is a hero, a boy that won’t leave a friend behind, and in the end, the right choice for a leader.

I do have to wonder at the ending. Sorry, another SPOILER**, but they end up somewhere green and lush. I thought the entire Earth was basically ruined by the Scorch and only the protected cities were left. Where do they go? Is it another dimension? In all, it is nice to know that they are finally out of the hands of WICKED and able to live there lives in peace.

The books in this series are very visual, full of brutal violence and disturbing images. Dashner does a great job bringing his world to life. You can actually feel the desperation of the people living in the time of the Flare. The emotion he invokes whenever you read the name WICKED is amazing. You just want to punch a wall every time they are involved in a scene. They are so evil, but disguised as good. A very common theme in today's world.

This book isn't as violent as the previous two, but I still say this is a read for ages 12 and up. Buy it now from Click below.

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  1. I just thought the third book was stretching and trying to combined all 3 books together. It was really predictable and not a lot of action. The ending wasn't good either. I was really disappointed because I enjoyed the other 2 books.

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