Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Haul-idays from Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books is hosting it's 2nd annual Happy Haul-idays giveaway where you can win a haul of books ($500 worth) from Chronicle Books. If you comment on my blog post, you can also enter into the giveaway and if I win, I get to choose a commenter on this post to also win $500 of Chronicle Books.

For bloggers:

You can enter by writing a blog post about Happy Haul-idays with the haul of books that you'd like to win and go to Chronicle Books to enter your name. That's it! If you win, you and a commenter on your post can both win $500 of Chronicle Books.

For non-bloggers:
You can enter by commenting on my blog and other participating blogs. There is a list of participating blogs on the Chronicle Books page.

My Charity-  First Book
First Book is determined to see that all children, regardless of their economic conditions, can achieve more in school and in life through access to an ongoing supply of new books.

I believe every child deserves a book, hopefully a waterfall of books. First book gets that all important book where it needs to be, in the hands of kids.

My Chronicle Book Choices-

Blue Plate Special
Vincent's Colors
The Space Between Trees
Yoda, Bring You Wisdom, I Will
F in Exams
The Fashion Sketchpad
How I Stole Jonny Deep's Alien Girlfriend
The Alchemist's Cat
The Oaken Throne
The Dark Portal
Crystal Prison
Final Reckoning
Erika's Story
Art Acivity Packs: Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Renoir, Degas, Picasso and Matisse
Seeing Stars
Charlotte in Paris

Head to the Chronicle Site and fill out the entry form-

And don't forget to leave a comment here, you might win $500 in books too!


  1. This is so neat. Here's to hoping you win. :] Gabi: teddycavygal at yahoo dot com

  2. Mary DeBorde [M.A.D.]
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail dot com

    Wishing you oodles of luck!! You've picked out a slew of terrific books - 'How I stole Jonny Deep's Alien Girlfriend' sounds awesome :D

  3. Hope you win, this sounds fun, good luck!!

  4. Thanks for dropping by! :)

    Feel free to comment back on my post:
    the bookish mama

    Happy holidays!

  5. I love this...the anticipation is so fun! Be sure to stop by and comment over at my blog too. Good luck to you!


  6. I liked the idea of the art activity packs. And First Book sounds like a wonderful charity!

    melorabrock {at} gmail {dot} com

  7. Thanks for the comments. Good luck to all.

  8. first book is a great charity and you have a lovely list. good luck. feel free to comment on my post as well.

  9. I'm seeing First Book as the chosen charity for a lot of people- very cool!

    I really like your list; I have Vincent's Colors and The Space Between Trees on my own list - I almost added the art activity sets, but decided that that I was going to buy a few of them for Christmas anyway! :)

    Good luck!


  10. The Art Activity Packs would be perfect for my daughter, who is an elementary school teacher.
    Fun list.

    So, good luck to both of us on this thing.
    jeaneC from CA
    jcamp2020 at aol

  11. I love your picks! I'm having as much fun seeing what everyone else picked as I did making my own blog list!

  12. Great choices! I can definitely vouch for a few of those titles...and would love a chance to read the others. ^_^ Happy holidays...feel free to check out my list as well! Thanks for the chance and happy reading....