Friday, December 23, 2011

Book Review - Dumpling Days by Grace Lin

I discovered a fantastic upper middle grade read that I’d like to share, Dumpling Days, by Grace Lin. Published by Little, Brown books, it is an amazing multi cultural story filled with color, history and wit. It hits shelves Jan. 2nd,  2012.

The Story- Pacy loves her life in America and is surprised when her parents decide to spend a whole month in Taiwan to prepare for their grandmother’s sixtiest birthday.
 Even though Pacy is Taiwanese/American, she and her two sisters do not speak Chinese and know practically nothing about Taiwan.

The trip is harder than Pacy thought it would be: she looks like everyone else, but can’t understand a thing. Plus, Taiwan is so much different that America, so busy and crowded, it scares her. The one thing that gets her through her vacation is the amazing food in Taiwan, especially the Dumplings.

As Pacy and her sisters Ki-Ki and Lissy spend a whole month in Taiwan, Pacy learns who she really is by discovering her family history and Taiwan’s amazing folklore.

My Thoughts- This is an amazing book. It is not your typical middle grade read. The book is jam packed with culture, that for me was fresh and delightful. I learned things I’ve never known before.

Children will really connect with Pacy and her problems. She feels lost in a place that is supposed to be familiar. Plus, she has to search for her own identity and learn to love family. I highly recommend this book to any reader, middle grade, YA and adult. All three levels will find something fun and new. A great read for educational purposes too, children will learn in a fun and NOT boring way.

What more can I say? Put it on your too read list.

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