Monday, December 19, 2011

Book Review- Rumors from the Boys' Room by Rose Cooper

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It’s time to review a great new middle grade novel that has hit the shelves. The second in the Blogtastic series, Rumors from the Boy’s Room is Rose Cooper’s second novel.

The Story- Sofia is back, along with her best friend Nona and her bow wearing enemy Mia. This year, Sofia is getting all the information for her school blog from conversations overheard in the hallways and outside the boys’ room. Of course, she still tends to mess things up. The big news of this school year is that an exchange student is coming.

The other hot news item: Sofia’s mom is pregnant, and Sofia is feeling the brunt of her mother’s mood swings.

Troubles arise when the foreign exchange student, Lukas, falls for Nona. Mia is none to happy about it and Sofia sets out to protect her best friend from the revenge of the popular girls.

My Thoughts- A really cute middle grade read. Girls will enjoy this book. Sofia is her sarcastic self causing lots of problems and funny mishaps. Like the first book, this one is a journal, with lots of humorous drawings to describe Sofia’s feelings.

The story felt quicker and the plot was not as involved as the first book, but still it is good fun. The headings got a little confusing, sometimes I wasn’t sure which day it was or when something was happening.

I loved the theme that was a subplot of the Nona and Lukas relationship. Nona tries to get Lukas’ attention by dressing up and pretending to be something she is not. It isn’t until she gives up on her silly plan and returns to her wonderful normal self, that Lukas becomes interested again. Girls take heed- be yourself.

A funny, laugh out loud book, Rumors is perfect for middle grade readers.


  1. Cute! I don't read much MG, but I like to hear about good ones that come out because there is some really great, diverse MG out there :) and this one sounds like it would be really interesting, but I had no idea it was a series!

    Brenna from Esther's Ever After

  2. Thanks Brenna. It's the second in the series. I like to search out fun MG.