Friday, January 27, 2012

Book Review- Bleeding Hearts by Alyxandra Harvey

The next book in the Drake Chronicles, Bleeding Hearts, hit shelves on Dec. 20, 2011. Written by Alyxandra Harvey, and published by Walker Books for Young Readers, it is a paranormal romance involving vampires.

The Story: It’s time for Connor Drake to meet his love interest. Lucy’s cousin, Christabel, is in town, and doesn’t understand why everyone is so scared to go out at night. So, what’s a teen to do? She goes out of course, and straight into the arms of a vampire.

Meanwhile, the Drake family has other problems. The Hel Blar, zombie like vampires, seem to be rallying under a new leader and attacking other vampires in droves. Solange Drake, still recovering from her transformation into a vamp, is still unbalanced. Lucy, her best friend, only wants to help. Of course, Nicholas Drake, Lucy’s boyfriend, tries to protect her. Keiran, Solange’s boyfriend, and Helios-Ra warrior doesn’t know what to do. And so the story goes.

My thoughts: A really big mix of a lot of different characters, but hey, it works. I enjoy following the Drakes and their love interests through out all the books. This time, the story gets a little twist with Christabel. Nobody tells her what is going on, thinking to protect her. Of course, she just ends up in the middle of everything and her life hangs in the balance.

This book in the series wasn’t quite as exciting as the previous book, Out For Blood. It feels more like a bridge book, filling in empty plot points before the next book. But, it is good fun. Plus, the ending is- wow! A total cliff hanger. It will definitely make you yearn for the next in the series. I can’t wait to find out what happens.


  1. I'Ve been hearing great things about this series I really want to give it a try. Great review!

    Xpresso Reads

  2. thanks. I came into the series late. I've only read books 3 and 4, but it all still works.

  3. I just dropped by to sustain my habit formed during the comment challenge. The review is a great little teaser. But truthfully, what I was most taken by is the path at the top of your blog---I want to go there. What a great visual for the writing path.

  4. thank you. It is photo shopped, but it reminds me very much of the north west!

  5. Thanks for the post. I like this series but I still have the last book sitting on my shelf. :(