Friday, March 2, 2012

Book Review- Spellcaster

Spellcaster, the sequel to Spellbound, by Cara Lynn Shultz, is a newly released YA paranormal. Published by Harlequin Teen, it was released in January.

The Story- Soul mates Emma and Brendan are finally together. The curse is broken, Emma is learning about her witchy powers, and life at Vince A is good. Of course, that can’t last. A hateful person is out to destroy Emma, and her hatred is stronger than their true love.

This unknown enemy begins using Emma and Brendan’s fears against them. Desperate, Emma revs up her spell learning with Angelique, but the evil presence seems one step ahead, ready to destroy Emma and her boyfriend. 

My Thoughts- This book is much more fun and exciting than book one. Finally, we get to see magic used, and Emma develop her powers. There are a lot of repetitive scenes that fill you in on the first book; I could have done without those.

However, I really did enjoy this book much more. I liked seeing Emma using her powers. She and Brendan are together, and their storyline is solid. Its fun trying to figure out who the “evil” person is that is after the couple. You do figure it out about ¾’s of the way through, but that’s okay, because the tension just keeps going up. In the final battle scene, you actually don’t know what will happen or what the ending will be.

I did find it a bit annoying that Emma so wanted to keep Brendan out of things that she goes to extremes to lie to him. I would have liked to see Brendan more in the thick of things. But, Emma is the main hero, so I guess it was up to her take on the bad guy.

Overall a good sequel.

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