Friday, March 16, 2012

The Emerald City by Alicia Leppert- Book Review

The Emerald City is a YA novel written by Alicia Leppert and published by Cedar Fort Books.

The Story- Olivia’s life is in a downward spiral. After the suicide of her mother, things have just gotten worse and worse. Now, Olivia goes through life, day after day, feeling nothing.

One night, she swallows an entire bottle of Valium. The next morning she wakes up in the hospital, alive. Somehow, a neighbor named Jude rescued her. Olivia is confronted with the reality of her life and she must make a choice, to live or let her life wind out of control again.

The difference is that this time she has Jude, her savior. But, things are not what they seem. Olivia is puzzled by Jude’s retelling of her suicide, information just doesn’t match up. Can Olivia build a new life based on lies? And is it worth giving up Jude to find out the truth?

My Thoughts- When I read this book I felt that there were two different stories before me, the first half and the second. The first half is full of the grittiness of life. Olivia is a pathetic creature, not even feeling emotion. The scene where she tries to end her life is so vivid and real. It is not the typical pre planned suicide. Hers is more fuzzy and fits in exactly with her character. I enjoyed following along as Olivia learned that life was meant to be lived. Her journey felt real and I can see a lot of teenagers today struggling with the issue of feeling invisible. The first half of this book drew me in.

The second part of the book felt more like a sequel. There is Jude, a great mysterious character. Questions are brought up by the author right away concerning his true identity. I figured out Jude’s true identity early on, and the author did a good job developing his character. I love how in the second part of the book he experiences feelings and emotions unknown to him before. His journey and his choices are wonderfully brought to life.

 I’d love to hear what other readers think of the ending.


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