Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Guerilla Marketing with Literary Agent Bree Ogden

The following is a recap on the talk agent Bree Ogden gave at the Whidbey Island Writer’s Conference. Bree has been a literary agent for 2 ½ years and currently works at D4EO Literary Agency . Check out the interview I did with Bree last week here. The subject of her talk at the conference was Guerilla Marketing.

What is guerilla marketing? Bree defines it as advertising strategies that utilize low cost and creative means. Basically, you use your own time and energy. Bree feels it is important right now for writers to uniquely market themselves. The writers market itself is saturated, in every sense of the word. Everyone is writing. Bree advises writers, “To really step it up.”

The first move is to start blogging. Bree says, “I can not stress the importance of having a blog.” She goes on to spell things out. Blogs do many things. They give you a following, expand your online presence, hone your craft, produce material for future books, help you know your industry and involve you in the writing community. Bree’s advise, “Be bold and aggressive. Get yourself out there.”

Next there is twitter. It is, “what aspiring authors are doing to get out there.” Bree tells authors to use twitter as their own personal marquee. She advises finding targeted followers that will share and retweet your information. One of the ways to find that audience is to make sure you have a great bio. Put the important info first and use key words and hash tags people might search for.

When tweeting, don’t tweet garbage. Twitter is for promotion. Tweet things of significance and don’t just give a link, tell people what the link is about. She encourages retweeting friends and colleagues, asking questions that provoke responses, and sharing tips.

Bree’s last piece of advice, “Don’t over do it. Be yourself.”


  1. Excellent post! It is always nice to be reminded of what we writers should be doing. I agree with Bree's advice. The more you use the social networking that is out there the more savvy you become. :) Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh- and congrats on the book contract. That is FABULOUS!! :) Wishing you much success!

  3. Nice. I am appearing as a panelist on this very subject at the Pacific Institute for Professional Writing for the Ojai Wordfest in CA. Nowadays writers need to really extend themselves, even long before they publish their first book. Dorine, you've done an excellent job and taught me a lot on that subject. Without you, I wouldn't have known where to begin.