Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vickie Motter- literary agent

Let’s meet Vickie Motter, an agent at Andrea Hurst Literary Management. I had a chance to talk to Vickie at the 2012 Whidbey Island Writer's Conference. She comes from an editing background, and has worked at Andrea Hurst Lit since 2010. As an agent she handles the YA genres of steampunk, historical, historical fantasy and contemporary romance. NO time travel or magical realism.

Vickie also handles adult books in the genres of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, women’s Sci-Fi, steampunk and high fantasy.

I asked Vickie what she is looking for right now. Her response- Sci-Fi. She would love a true science fiction manuscript, not one that is mixed with dystopian images. She is also looking for a really good zombie book and a historical fantasy. As a side note, Vickie told me that she likes the darker side of manuscripts. She loves it when the love interest, or even the hero, dies in the end.

What is her advice to writers trying to find an agent? Make sure you find up to date information. She can always tell when someone hasn’t done enough research, because they mention things from her agencies website. While that is part of the research, Vickie recommends checking out her personal site which lists her current wants and needs.

Does Vicki read all those query letters that come her way? Yes. She reads them all and recommends pasting a small sampling of your work. That way if she likes the query, she can continue on to see your writing style. A bit of advice, she told me her ideal pitch contains between 100-300 words.

If you’d like to query her do not include attachments unless specified to do so. In subject line include "Query," title, and subject.

Email vickie (at) andreahurst (dot) com.

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