Monday, April 9, 2012

Blog Tour- Shayla Witherwood: a half faerie tale by Tamra Torero

Somehow I got my dates mixed up for this tour, so what I thought was supposed to post this Friday, was actually supposed to post last Friday. So Sorry. I'm posting it now and I hope you like it.

Shayla Witherwood: A half faerie tale, is a YA fantasy written by Tamra Torero.
The Story: Shayla is part fey. Before the story begins she has spent her life traveling with her grandparents in an RV and using an online tutor for her schooling. But now, Shayla is going to high school, and she is very nervous. She spends most of the first day either going invisible or trying to hide herself. However, as the book continues Shayla learns the ropes, catches a boy, and learns about her heritage.

My Thoughts: This is a nice, light hearted story. I enjoy reading about fairies, and this book has just enough sprinkle to make it work. The truth is that the book is more about a teenager, trying to find  her own way in the world. Her struggles and triumphs are like what most would face, minus the magic.

The characters are not too deep, but that works for the lightness of the story. Sometimes you just want to read something that makes you feel good, and this is an easy read. I liked the plot and the unveiling of characters. Plus, there are bits of action. It is a good, clean read.

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