Friday, May 18, 2012

Breaking Beautiful by Jennifer Shaw Wolf

Breaking Beautiful is a YA suspense/romance by author Jennifer Shaw Wolf.
The Story: (flap copy)Allie lost everything the night her boyfriend, Trip, died in a horrible car accident—including her memory of the event. As their small town mourns his death, Allie is afraid to remember because doing so means delving into what she’s kept hidden for so long: the horrible reality of their abusive relationship.

When the police reopen the investigation, it casts suspicion on Allie and her best friend, Blake, especially as their budding romance raises eyebrows around town. Allie knows she must tell the truth. Can she reach deep enough to remember that night so she can finally break free?

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed reading this book, it is the perfect balance of mystery, suspense and romance. The main character Allie is well written and full of depth. She is surprisingly solid and the reader is able to follow along with her as her memory slowly returns about the night in question. By growing along with Allie, the reader is able to  more fully comprehend the events of the tragedy and cheer Allie on over her amazingly grown up decision.

The topic of abuse is brought up in such a manner that is relatable. Allie is in a relationship with the town's golden boy, and yet he is actually horrid. It touched me that Allie always wears long sleeves to hide the bruises on her arms, and later in the book when she tries on new clothes, it comes as a shock to her that she can wear something sleeveless.

And now for the mystery- I spent the entire book trying to figure out what exactly happened the night of Trip's death. Clues are given, but never enough to give you a full picture, and I found that a great lure. I love books that pull me all the way to the last page, and this one did. Two thumbs up.

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  1. Breaking Beautiful is an emotional, heart breaking story about spouse/girlfriend abuse, child abuse, and abuse of a town that lives to destroy others with gossip. It's about having the strength to protect the one you love when you're weak. It's also about love that can't be broken, a love that keeps hoping, no matter how long you have to wait for that person. I recommend Breaking Beautiful as a must read.

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