Thursday, June 28, 2012

Freedom Hop

Still love vampires? I do! So for this hop I am offering the newest Bloodlines novel by Richelle Mead, The Golden Lily. Fill out the rafflecopter form to enter.

The Story- Sydney is still living in Palm Springs keeping an eye on Princess Jill for the alchemists. Dimitri and Sonya are present, researching why a dhamphir or Moroi that returns from being a Strigoi, can’t be turned again. And Adrian is still Adrian, drinking and goofing off, but something inside him seems to be waking up.

But reality bites our friends in the butt when they discover that human vampire hunters are real, and that they are determined to kill Sonya. Sydney is caught in the middle as her feeling for vampires become friendlier than they should, and her alchemist’s roots are put to the test.

My Thoughts- I really like this spin off to the Vampire Academy series. It is not as filled with action as the original series, but it is more personal, delving into the lives of several minor, now major, characters. The alchemists have always intrigued me and I like looking at them through Sydney’s eyes. Plus, there is now witchcraft involved, and I just can’t wait to see that take off.

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  1. I love this spinoff series! Anything in that world I pretty much love :D

  2. I followed a tweet link to get here.
    I'm just commenting to say that I knew you were from Utah the second I saw your banner photo. My first thought was "Red Butte Garden." My second was, "Bet this gal's from Utah." And you were! Fun!

    1. LOL, went to BYU, but right now living near Seattle. What is Red Butte Garden?

  3. I love vampire academy Richelle mead is one of my favorites! Thank you so much for the great giveaway Hope you have a great 4th of July!
    Latisha D

  4. Replies
    1. TY for reading my blog- Happy Fourth- be safe.